4th Anniversary Special Call


4th Anniversary Special Call of ORARI Lokal Jakarta Selatan, Club Station YBØZZD 2017

Validity of contacts :

  1. On December 13, Start : 12:00 UTC and End : 15.00 UTC
  2. On December 14, Start : 12:00 UTC and End : 15.00 UTC
  3. Amateur Band : VHF : 145.340 MHz and HF : 7.125 MHz
  4. The Methods of QSO which are NOT permitted as follow: Repeater, satellite, eQSO, Echolink or other relay methods.
  5. All participant are logged during special calls will get a nice self-printed award in pdf file format and can be downloaded from this website on December 15, 2017.
  6. Do not send your QSL card!
  7. Only Valid Call Sign would join the Special Call, otherwise once you are logged please do not call again.

Hope CU on the band,

73 de

YDØSDD – HF Band Coordinator

YDØLIN – VHF Band Coordinator


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